Corona Virus Update

In light of the current recommendations by our president and the Coronavirus task force, Pastor Richards and the Elders of Covenant Church have decided to obey the governmental recommendations and avoid meeting in any groups of 10 or more. This means that we will plan to cancel services on Wednesday’s and Sundays until further notice. We recommend that you spend this time in prayer and reading God’s Word and staying in touch with each other by phone and social media. If you have any questions call one of the elders or Pastor Richards.

One online source for live worship recommended by Pastor Richards is through the website for Moody Bible:

And also Forest Hill church:

Remember also that church expenses and our Pastor’s salary continue to need to be paid. Please mail your tithes to the church and

Treasurer, Jim Hittepole will be checking the mail to be sure that they are deposited in a timely fashion. God bless you all!